1, 3, and 6 Years ago- What Was Going On!

Here is what we were doing in local music 1, 3 and 6 years ago!

1 Year Ago:

We talked about the guitars of local musicians. We had pictures and a story on guitars for such local greats as; Seth Wonkka, Eric Reingold, Andy Laliotis, Tristan Omand, Will Kindler, Ron Noyes, and over 10 more!

Groovechild had an album "coming out soon"- It is still not released and is.. coming soon. http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=groovechild

We wrote our first review of The Grebes who are releasing an awesome EP that we just reviewed last week: http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=the-grebes

3 Years Ago:

We spent some time with Dusty Gray at Rocking Horse Studios

We interviewed George Laliotis for the first time

6 Years Ago:

We interviewed Threeday Threshold who 3 years later would join Boogie on Alice on stage at Penuche's


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