Somerville Symphony Orkestar hail from, Somerville Massachusetts(duh), but they sound like they were dropped here from some Eastern European country. The band blends punk with Klezmer and mixes in a good dose of traditional Russian music. The band is currently at Q Division Studios in Summerville recording their 2nd album and we took a second to sit down with them and ask them our famous five questions. We chatted with Joel Edinberg who seems to maybe be the leader of this rag tag bunch of people. He let me know they have a show coming up on May 1 at Cuisine en Locale opening for Slavic Soul Party and you can buy Tickets here: He also let me know you can also catch them at Penuches in Concord on April 11th. He also let me know that he didn’t care much for me stealing his identity and selling his life’s story to Hollywood to be turned into a movie. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of a tiger punch to the gut, I moved right into the five questions….

Producer: Ryan Ordway
Co Producer: Brooks Young
Mixed by: Ryan Ordway, Co Mixed by Charlie Chamberlain
Engineered by: Ryan Ordway, Franz Haase and Johnny Petruzzelli
Masted by: Tom waltz, Walts Mastering
Recorded at: The Recording Co-Op Gilford,NH

Vocals: Brooks Young
Bass: Todd Waler
Drums: Tony Interlande
Keys: Jeff LeRoy
Slide Guitar: Chris Cochran
Acoustic/Electric Guitars: Brooks Young

Eric Ober and Derek Astles signed up for the 2015 RPM Challenge ... Where bands are challenged to write, record and finish a ten-song album ALL in the month of February.

‘Local Blend Vol II’ is in the works!!!! “Volume I” featured some of the area’s artists playing solo acoustic tunes. Volume two is going to feature local bands. FULL BANDS playing amazing local music. We are hoping to have a large collection of local bands on this compilation from a wide spread of genres. Our last project was downloaded 10,000 times and we are hoping to top that with this project. Look for this compilation album to be release in the next month!

If you are in a band that wants to be involved, please shoot us an e-mail-

For local blend vol I click here

Merrimack Music Series

Merrimack Music is back in full swing and kicking off hard this SUNDAY, Feb 22 with a FREE, ALL AGES show at the Concord City Auditorium. Four shows will be taking place at the Audi. The concerts will all be FREE and open to all ages. That is right. F-R-E-E-A-H. umm. Meaning, you don’t have to pay… anything. So why would you NOT go? Are you too good for free awesome music, too busy re-lacing your tennis shoes, do you have a hair appointment? The shows start at 3pm and go until 5pm

Pocket Heat- Review

pocket Heat, Bay City, MichiganPocket Heat is an indie rock band from Bay City Michigan. This four piece just put out their three song EP ‘Transitions’ and you can check it out for free on bandcamp. Pocket Heat recorded this demo in December at Little Elephant in Toledo Ohio but they are already heading back into the studio. So, look for more material from these guys in the near future.

Brooks Young is a NEW dad, living in a NEW place and seems to be going in a NEW direction with his music. ALL THE THINGS ARE NEW. The Brooks Young Band is currently up in Gilford New Hampshire at Resort Recordings tracking a NEW single. Resort Recordings is a NEW recording studio and label founded by Franz Haase and Ryan Ordway in 2010. Since Brooks is such a nice guy he let us hear a rough cut of the NEW tune.

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